2024 Bayh-Dole Coalition American Innovator Award Nomination

About the American Innovator Award: The Bayh-Dole Coalition’s American Innovator Award recognizes individuals whose story exemplifies the personal commitment, sacrifice, risk and determination required to move a federally-funded invention from the laboratory into the marketplace where it can benefit the public. Such stories give policymakers, the media and the general public a better appreciation for the Bayh-Dole system and what it requires to make it work — and why the system must be appreciated and protected. It is not required (but preferable) that the technology has been commercialized to qualify.

Recipients are profiled in the Bayh-Dole Coalition’s annual “Faces of American Innovation” report and celebrated during a Congressional briefing and reception in Washington, D.C.

About the Bayh-Dole Coalition: The Bayh-Dole Coalition is a diverse group of innovation-oriented organizations and individuals committed to celebrating and protecting the Bayh-Dole Act, as well as informing policymakers and the public of its many benefits.